Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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One Bedroom Lodge
Five Bedroom Lodge
Guest Lounge/Games Room
Rainforest  Environment
Directions to Lodge
Weather Conditions
Birdwatching at The Chambers
Bushwalks at The Chambers

Rainforest at The Chambers

Nocturnal Animals at The Chambers

Booking Requirements
Search Engine
Travel & Packing Tips

Rainforest Waterfalls

Millaa Millaa Falls
Zillie Falls
Ellinjaa Falls

Mungalli Falls
Nandroya Falls
Tchupalla Falls
Malanda Falls
Dinner Falls

Rainforest Crater Lakes
Lake Eacham
Lake Barrine
Lake Euramoo

Rainforest Canopy
Mistletoe Flower
Euodia Flowers
Silky Oak Flowers
Umbrella Tree Flower
Black Bean Flowers
Sugar Glider
Strangler Fig Fruit

Rainforest Understorey

Rainforest Floor

Cunjevoi Plant
Stinging Tree
Wait-a-While Palm
Buttressed Tree Roots

Giant Rainforest Trees
Curtain Fig Tree
Twin Kauri Trees
Cathedral Fig Tree
Giant Red Cedar

Rainforest Ferns
Staghorn Fern
Elkhorn Fern
Birds Nest Fern
Basket Fern
Scaly Tree Fern
Ribbon Fern

Rainforest Fungi

Bracket Fungus
Gilled Fungus
Organ Pipe Fungus
Slime Moulds

Devil's Tongue Fungus
Sac Fungus
Toothed Fungi
Coral Fungus
Maiden Veil Fungus

Rainforest Walks

Chambers Border Walk
Lake Eacham Perimeter Walk
Lake Eacham Waterfall Walk
Barrine Walk
Malanda Falls Walk
Euramoo Walk
Kauri Creek Walk
Palmerston Walks
Mount Bartle Frere Walk
Guided Wilderness Walks

Rainforest Plants
October Glory
Native Jasmine
Dwarf Harpullia
Leichardt Tree
Sarsaparilla Tree
Pink-flowered Euodia
Brown Silky Oak
Umbrella Tree
Black Bean
Strangler Fig
Stinging Tree
Lawyer Vine

Rainforest Spotlighting 
Nocturnal Animal Tours
Tour Guides
Spotlighting Information

Rainforest Possums

Rainforest Reptiles
Carpet Python
Amethystine Python
Boyd's Forest Dragon
Green Tree Snake
Northern Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Brown Tree Snake
Eastern Water Dragon
Red-Bellied Black Snake
Spotted Tree Monitor
Eastern Brown Snake

Bird Index
Southern Cassowary
Australian Brush Turkey
Orange-footed Scrubfowl
Green Pygmy-Goose
Grey Goshawk
Sarus Crane
Red-Necked Crake
White-Headed Pigeon
Brown Cuckoo Dove
Double-eyed Fig Parrot
Emerald Dove

Wompoo Fruit-Dove
Superb Fruit Dove
King Parrot
Crimson Rosella
Southern Boobook
Lesser Sooty Owl
Papuan Frogmouth
White-rumped Swiftlet
Azure Kingfisher
Buff-Breasted Paradise Kingfisher
Laughing Kookaburra
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Lovely Fairy Wren
Atherton Scrubwren.

Mountain Thornbill

Macleay's Honeyeater

Lewin's Honeyeater

Bridled Honeyeater
Yellow Honeyeater
Scarlet Honeyeater

Red-Browed Finch

Pale-Yellow Robin
Grey-headed Robin
Eastern Whipbird

Golden Whistler
Bower's Shrike-Thrush

Yellow Breasted Boatbill

Pied Monarch
Victoria's Riflebird
Spotted Catbird.
Toothbilled Bowerbird

Golden Bowerbird

Blue-Faced Parrot-Finch

Green Pygmy-goose
Australasian Grebe
Pacific Black Duck
Dusky Moorhen
Whistling Duck
Eurasian Coot
Purple Swamphen
Black Swan
Buff-Breasted Paradise Kingfisher
Azure Kingfisher
Blue-faced parrot finch
Tawny Frogmouth
Pied Currawong
Peaceful Dove
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Rainbow Bee-Eater
Yellow-bellied Sunbird

Bird Lists

Wet Tropics
Atherton Tableland
Lake Eacham
Hasties Swamp
Pelican Point

Bird Sites
The Chambers Rainforest Clearing
Lake Eacham

Lake Barrine
Danbulla State Forest Drive
Pelican Point
Highway between Yungaburra and Atherton
Hasties Swamp
Wongabel State Forest Walk
Bromfield Crater
Mt. Hypipamee National Park

Bird Guides

Bird Links

Rainforest Frogs
Northern Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Northern Barred Frog
Dainty Green Tree-frog
Striped Marsh Frog
Giant Tree Frog
Leusuer's Frog
Green Tree Frog
Green-eyed Tree Frog
Dwarf Tree-frog
Cophixalus Ornatus
Sphenophryne Robusta

Red Tree Frog
Australian Lacelid
Waterfall Frog
Roth's Tree Frog
Rocket Frog
Ornate Burrowing Frog
Common Mist Frog
Marbled Frog
Broad-Palmed Frog
Bumpy Rocketfrog

Rainforest Possums
Herbert River Ringtail Possum
Striped Possum
Coppery Brushtail Possum
Green Ringtail Possum
Lemuroid Possum
Sugar Glider

Rainforest Kangaroos

Musky Rat Kangaroo
Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo

Rock Wallaby
Agile Wallaby

Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Swamp Wallaby

Rainforest Dingo

Rainforest Carnivorous Marsupials

Long-Nosed Bandicoot
Northern Brown Bandicoot
White Tailed Rat

Rainforest Bats
Spectacled Flying Fox
Long-eared Horseshoe Bat

Rainforest Monotremes


Birdwing Butterfly
Regent Skipper
Atlas Moth
Zodiac Moth
Union Jack
Grey Albatross
Helena Brown 
Red-Bodied Swallowtail
Hawk Moth
Emerald Moth
When Is A Butterfly Not A Butterfly?
Life Stages of A Butterfly.
Defense Strategies of Butterflies, Moths & Caterpillars.

Rainforest Insects
Paper Wasp
Leaf Beetle
Stag Beetle
Paper Wasp
Trigonid Bee
Leaf Beetle

Stag Beetle







Passalid Beetles

Ground Beetles

Aquatic Beetles

Longicorn Beetles


Rove Beetles

Ambrosia Beetles

What Is A Beetle, What Is Not A Beetle?
Defense Strategies of Beetles.
Some Beetles Co-exist in Other Insect Colonies.
The Role of Beetles in Recycling Rainforest 

Rainforest Information Sheets

Rainforest Information Sheets
(PDF Format)

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
PH & Fax: 07 4095 3754 International: 61 7 4095 3754

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